You can always count on a lighthouse to keep our ship from becoming beached up against the shore, or colliding with the cliffs of Eastern Prince Edward Island. Though, through time there have been new ways invented to keep your ship safe from harm, the lighthouses of Eastern Prince Edward Island have not been forgotten. Come relive history as you climb to the top of the brilliant lighthouses.

Cape Bear Lighthouse & Marconi Museum 9Kms
Houses one of seven Marconi Wireless Stations
Thomas Bartlett heard the first distress signal from the Titanic
Museum of the original Marconi Station

Wood Islands Lighthouse 23Kms
Open daily for tours
Houses a nautical craft shop
Fishery and Coast Guard Museum

Panmure Island Lighthouse 30Kms
Houses the first fog alarm in the area
Daily tours and gift shop
Overlooks the beautiful beach of Panmure Island

Point Prim Lighthouse 53Kms
Oldest lighthouse on Prince Edward Island
One of the few lighthouses made of brick in all of Canada

Souris Lighthouse 70Kms
Houses a large sea glass interpretative display
Daily tours and Gift shop
Home of the Sea Glass Festival

East Point Lighthouse 94Kms
Beautiful view of the ocean’s tides meeting
Erosion of the shoreline has caused the lighthouse to be moved several times
Daily tours, craft shop, and interpretive centre