Part of Eastern Prince Edward Island’s heritage is fishing. To this day many islander’s make their livelihood on a fishing vessel. You can visit all the fishing harbours and marinas to get a better understanding of this historic way of life, along with a picturesque view and the ocean breeze.

Machon Point Wharf 2Kms

Murray Harbour Marina 2Kms

Murray River Wharf 5Kms

Beach Point Harbour 6Kms

Mink River Wharf 17Kms

Wood Islands Ferry Terminal 23Kms

Sturgeon Wharf 24Kms

Montague Marina – 24Kms

Graham Pond Harbour 24Kms

Lower Montague Wharf 29Kms

Cardigan Marina 35Kms

MacAuleys Wharf 40Kms

Pinette Wharf 41Kms

Georgetown Harbour 52Kms

Annandale Wharf 56Kms

Red Head Harbour 57Kms

Bay Fortune Harbour 62Kms

Savage Harbour 65.8Kms

Souris Harbour, Marina and Ferry Terminal 70Kms

North Lake Harbour 93Kms

Cahoons Wharf 14Kms

Launching Wharf 47Kms

St. Peters Harbour 60Kms

Naufrage Harbour 70Kms